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Architectural and Digital Material Cultural Probe (ADMCP)

About ADMCP 01 A Multi-Reality Architectural Experiment:

The experiment seeks to provide a definition of ‘hyperisation’ and ‘gamification’ in reference to its architectural, digital, anthropological and material cultural significance.

ADMCP 01 Special Acknowledgement:

Samantha Hardingham / John Walter / Mark Campbell / Duran Zhai / Mingxuan Xie / Evgenia Andersson / Li Chen / Joyce Xiyao Chen / Juliet Haysom / Gim Kwok / Orange Shucheng Huang / Graham Peet, The Public, West Bromwich / Ana Olmedo / Ram Harjit Sembi / Yutao Song

ADMCP 01 Sound Credit:

Level 1: My Love In Your Disco Begins –新裤子* = New Pants, Zhang Qiang = 张蔷* ‎– 别再问我什么是迪斯科 = No Question Of Disco (2013)

Level 2: Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order - Brotherhood (1986) / My Love In Your Disco Begins –新裤子* = New Pants, Zhang Qiang = 张蔷* ‎– 别再问我什么是迪斯科 = No Question Of Disco (2013) / Paradise - Gokuraku Jodo (2016)

Level 3: 隔离 = Stay Apart, New Pants – 野人也有爱 = Equal Love (2008)

Level 4: 郑方 - 魔方大厦 - 魔方大厦 (1991) / 黑蝉乐队 - 魔方大厦 - 魔方大厦 (1991) / 迷惘夜车  - 达明一派II - Tat Ming Pair (1988) / Stay Apart, New Pants – 野人也有爱 = Equal Love (2008)

ADMCP 01 Instructions:

in ADMCP 01, you need to find the portal to access 4 levels in total.

Level 1: Sylar Z's Dota Dream / Level 2: Duran Zhai's AA Diploma / Level 3: New Pants' Folding Beijing / Level 4: Pete's Architectural Body

This experiment aims for players ready to use VR (virtual reality) headset with Xbox controller to enter into the Hyper Space, although keyboard WASD, Space and Mouse are also acceptable as a minimum alternative.

for your body in physical (meat) space:

By wearing HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, you are encouraged to physically rotate, walk and dance within your Play Area. Especially for HTC Vive players, the combination of physical and virtual movement is really important for this experiment.

for your #HyperBody in virtual space:

With Xbox Controller, use Left Stick to move, Right Stick to change camera angle, press A to jump, additionally, press Left Trigger to draw and Right Bumper to move slowly.

ADMCP 01 Feedback:

The experiment encourages all the players to provide us their feedback about space, aesthetic and movement :)


see https://vimeo.com/266007487


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